Proposed Revisions to the ABII 10—Year Requirements

The ABII Board of Trustees is proposing updates to the ABII 10-Year Requirements as follows:

Education Option – Preparing and Presenting a Lecture for non-CIIPs.

  • Clarification that the prepared lecture may be presented at a meeting that includes a minimum of five non-CIIPs in attendance.
  • Removes the requirement for the meeting to be national or regional.
  • Allows the meeting to be conducted either in person or virtually.
  • Updates the required summary report to include an objective and syllabus or outline for the presentation.
  • Requires an attestation by the attendees or meeting organizer that the presentation was conducted as described in the report.

The proposed changes can be found on page 2-3 of the ABII 10-Year Requirements Proposed Revision document available here.

Public comments about the proposed change are requested on or before August 31, 2023 through email to