ABII is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and how it could affect candidates and diplomates. The ABII Board of Trustees has temporarily extended deadlines for several of ABII’s requirements. Candidates and diplomates affected by these changes have been notified by email. ABII will continue to monitor the situation and make additional extensions if needed. ABII staff are available to answer questions and assist candidates and diplomates. Please contact us at info@abii.org if you need assistance.

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Seven-Point Qualification System

Experience + Education + Current Certifications + Continuing Education = Qualified

This chart outlines the number of points you have earned for your experience, academic education, current certifications, and continuing education. Note that there are a maximum and minimum number of points in each category.

Candidates must have at least 7 points in total AND meet all minimum criteria


Minimum 2 points
Maximum 5 points

Academic Education
from an Accredited*

Minimum 0 points
Maximum 5 points**

Meeting ABII’s

Minimum 0 points
Maximum 4 points

1 point per 12 months of work experience as a
  • credentialed healthcare imaging professional or healthcare IT professional
  • or
  • healthcare informatics professional or
  • non-certified radiologic technologist in the military

Note: Clinical experience completed as part of an imaging informatics training or educational program may be counted in the Experience category or the Academic Education category, but not in both.
1 point: No degree, but at least 30 semester credits or 45 quarter credits

2 points: Associate degree/college diploma (Degree conferred upon completion of at least 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits)

3 points: Associate degree/college diploma (Degree conferred upon completion of at least 90 semester credits or 135 quarter credits)

4 points: Baccalaureate degree/college diploma (Degree conferred upon completion of at least 120 semester credits or 180 quarter credits)

5 points: Masters or Doctoral degree (Degree conferred upon completion of post-baccalaureate graduate or professional program)

In addition to academic degree: 1 point: Academic degree/college diploma in Imaging Informatics.
1 point for each 18 hours of continuing education credits in imaging informatics or related disciplines taken within 18 months of the date of application
*Institution must be accredited by a mechanism recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or if earned outside the United States an equivalent accreditation authority.

**Education points are not cumulative and are awarded based on highest level of education
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