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Seven-Point Qualification System

Experience + Education + Current Certifications + Continuing Education = Qualified

This chart outlines the number of points you have earned for your experience, academic education, current certifications, and continuing education. Note that there are a maximum and minimum number of points in each category.

Candidates must have at least 7 points in total AND meet all minimum criteria


Minimum 2 points
Maximum 5 points

Academic Education
from an Accredited*

Minimum 0 points
Maximum 5 points**

Meeting ABII’s

Minimum 0 points
Maximum 4 points

1 point per 12 months of work experience as a
  • credentialed healthcare imaging professional or healthcare IT professional
  • or
  • healthcare informatics professional or
  • non-certified radiologic technologist in the military

Note: Clinical experience completed as part of an imaging informatics training or educational program may be counted in the Experience category or the Academic Education category, but not in both.
1 point: No degree, but at least 30 semester credits or 45 quarter credits

2 points: Associate degree/college diploma (Degree conferred upon completion of at least 60 semester credits or 90 quarter credits)

3 points: Associate degree/college diploma (Degree conferred upon completion of at least 90 semester credits or 135 quarter credits)

4 points: Baccalaureate degree/college diploma (Degree conferred upon completion of at least 120 semester credits or 180 quarter credits)

5 points: Masters or Doctoral degree (Degree conferred upon completion of post-baccalaureate graduate or professional program)

In addition to academic degree: 1 point: Academic degree/college diploma in Imaging Informatics.
1 point for each 18 hours of continuing education credits in imaging informatics or related disciplines taken within 18 months of the date of application
*Institution must be accredited by a mechanism recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or if earned outside the United States an equivalent accreditation authority.

**Education points are not cumulative and are awarded based on highest level of education
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