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Are you considering becoming certified? Endorsements from individuals and industry informatics partners are another way to demonstrate the value of ABII certification.

Endorsements from Certified Individuals

We asked a few individuals why they earned their ABII certification:

"I chose the CIIP certification program because it spans all categories, not just clinical and IT, but also communication, education, project management and so on. It recognizes that you have to do everything. I also appreciate the continuing education requirement. You have to stay current to stay certified. I have to know every category and improve any weaknesses. And what I've found is that the CE opportunities put me into places where I can network with radiologists and with radiologic technologists and get a better perspective on the whole workflow, not just the end product that I deliver. It's a great certification and it's consistent with what I do."

Richard Wyatt, MBA, CIIP
Digital Imaging Specialist, PACS Administrator
Springfield, Missouri

"My CIIP certification is a point of pride for me. When I sat for the exam in 2009, there were about 400 certified PACS administrators in the country, but there were only two in South Carolina and I was one of them. Within a year, I started noticing that job postings stated CIIP certification was desired or recommended. Now I tell my colleagues that if they are looking for a job, look for postings where CIIP is preferred. That tells you the employer understands the value of CIIP and is interested in working with someone highly capable. That can't be overstated. CIIP is becoming the industry standard."

Jose Bennett, CIIP
PACS Administrator
Tuomey Healthcare System
Sumter, South Carolina

"CIIPs play a critical role in ensuring a successful enterprise PACS deployment in at least three ways. The first is that CIIPs can bridge the cultural barrier between IT professionals and clinical staff. They can communicate clearly with physicians, nurses and technologists in understanding real clinical workflow and usability. The second is that CIIPs understand the specific standards and technology related to imaging informatics such as DICOM and medical grade monitors. And third, CIIPs are true knowledge professionals building peer networks and are on a life-long learning track of continuing education to ensure they are always implementing best practices in the ever-evolving healthcare field."

Paul Nagy, Ph.D., CIIP
Director of Quality at Johns Hopkins University Department of Radiology
Chair of ABII's Board of Trustees
Baltimore, Maryland

Endorsements from Industry Partners

Six medical imaging and informatics partners have signed on to launch the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII) Excellence in Imaging Informatics Partnership — an endorsement program established to generate awareness and promote high quality standards for professionals employed in imaging informatics.

Acuo Technologies, Fuji, PACSGEAR, Philips, Siemens and Vital Images recognize and stand behind ABII's role in identifying qualified personnel for system administration of imaging informatics implementations and management in healthcare.

Nominate a CIIP, a vendor, or both!

Nominations open June 24 - July 31

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