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About Informatics

Across the world, the convergence of patient data, computer science applications and the expertise of health professionals has created a movement geared toward providing higher quality patient care through better management and availability of information. This is the world of health informatics, and in every hospital, clinic, ambulatory facility and health-related organization, health informatics has taken on an increasingly important role. Informatics is the intersection of information science, computer science and healthcare. It manages the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of information in healthcare efficiently and effectively to improve access and quality. In other words, it’s working faster and smarter. This is an emerging field that is the product of the information economy.

About Imaging Informatics

Almost simultaneously with the advent of electronic health records came the use of digital technology to capture medical images. Imaging informatics, also sometimes referred to as radiology informatics or medical imaging informatics, concerns how medical images are used and exchanged throughout complex healthcare systems. This subspecialty has gained wide acceptance and is often seen as a mission-critical function in healthcare. Virtually every healthcare clinical discipline depends on imaging informatics.

The Future of Imaging Informatics

This growing profession is being continually redefined. The value is clear: When clinicians have immediate electronic access to medical images, precious time is saved, allowing for timely medical decisions, reducing unnecessary repetition of exams and driving costs down.

These benefits are so significant that in the United States the electronic management of health information, including images and their corresponding medical documentation, is becoming a government mandate. Starting in 2015, hospitals and doctors will be subject to financial penalties under Medicare if they’re not using electronic health records.

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