ABII is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and how it could affect candidates and diplomates. The ABII Board of Trustees has temporarily extended deadlines for several of ABII’s requirements. Candidates and diplomates affected by these changes have been notified by email. ABII will continue to monitor the situation and make additional extensions if needed. ABII staff are available to answer questions and assist candidates and diplomates. Please contact us at info@abii.org if you need assistance.

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What is a PACS administrator?

The healthcare professional who orchestrates a complex set of functions to achieve successful imaging informatics is often called a "picture archiving and communications system" or "PACS" administrator. These individuals have a foot in two worlds: clinical healthcare and information technology. For this reason, the most successful PACS administrators communicate clearly with highly technical network personnel, while understanding the diagnostic process of the radiologist. Their role often expands to system architect, workflow engineer and business analyst.

Mastering this skill set is difficult. And the stakes are high. A mismanaged system can lead to costly down times, delays in care, lack of trust by radiologists and information loss. Most importantly the PACS system can directly impact the quality and safety of patient care.

The Imaging Informatics Professional (IIP) certification is designed to assure the unique blend of technical, clinical and business skills necessary for this role.

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