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Continuing Education

Because of accelerating technology and growing capabilities in the health care field, the idea of - “Once certified, forever qualified” - no longer meets the expectations of patients or the imaging informatics profession.

Today, this is more accurately described as, - “Once certified, forever learning, evolving and developing as a qualified professional.”

Advancements in the healthcare environment, and consumer and regulatory activism are leading the way to increased accountability.

Continuous quality improvement is an expectation across all health care facilities, systems and professions.

ABII believes in lifelong learning by professionals that demonstrate maintenance of competence and knowledge of evolving imaging informatics technology. Completion of continuing education (CE) is one method that will help CIIPs advance and sustain their competence.

Continuing Education Guide

To assist CIIPs with selecting CE activities that are acceptable, the following CE Guide link below has been provided and a corresponding field will be added to the CE recording tool in your ABII online account. The CE recording tool is accessed by logging into your personal profile.

Continuing Education Guidelines
Standardized CE Form
CE Seminar Attendee List Template

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