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10-Year Requirements

Because the health care field continues to advance rapidly, it’s important for ABII diplomates to keep up with changing standards. Patients, employers, and other professionals want to know your knowledge and skills are up to date. That’s why ABII embraces continuous quality improvement and expects diplomates to meet our requirements for maintaining certification.

After you obtain initial certification and the CIIP credential, you’ll need to periodically complete and report continuing education activities. In addition, every 10 years you’ll have to document your ongoing qualifications in imaging informatics.

The 10-Year Requirements offer a flexible approach for documenting continued qualifications, allowing you to select from several options. See the resource links below to learn more.

10-Year Requirements
Example: Education Submission Sample (accepted by ABII and used with permission)
Example: Practice Submission Sample (accepted by ABII and used with permission)
Example: Education Submission Attestation
Example: Practice Submission Attestation


Get caught up in understanding ABII’s new certification requirement. Download and save this guide to 10-Year Requirements.
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