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As of March 2014, the ABII certification test is no longer an event test (offered twice a year at a predetermined time) and is now offered on a day and time convenient to your choosing. ABII partners with The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) and contracts with Pearson VUE, an independent testing center with locations throughout the world.

The Imaging Informatics Professional (IIP) test fee is $500, and the retake fee is $250. Candidates are allowed three attempts or 12 months to pass the test. Individuals who pass the test will be eligible to refer to themselves as Certified Imaging Informatics Professionals (CIIP).

Starting in March 2020, the test will be composed of 160 multiple-choice questions that cover 10 major knowledge domains identified by imaging informatics professionals as being critical to competent performance in the field. See Sample Test Questions. The Test Content Outline provides more detailed information on the subject areas included in the test.

Individuals who pass the test will be entitled to refer to themselves as CERTIFIED IMAGING INFORMATICS PROFESSIONAL (CIIP).

ABII maintains Test Statistics including pass rates.

Please note: ARRT contracts with Pearson VUE on behalf of ABII. Because of this, Pearson VUE test center personnel and scheduling representatives will refer to the ABII and the IIP test as ARRT and the ARRT test.


Once eligibility requirements have been met and an application received by ABII, candidates will receive notification that they can schedule their test and are responsible for scheduling their test directly with Pearson VUE at a test center location of their choice and at a time convenient to them.

Candidates may cancel or re-schedule an appointment up to 24 hours (one business day) prior to the scheduled appointment. Please see the Certification Guide for details on canceling and missed appointments.

If circumstances make it impossible for a candidate to attend the scheduled test administration, they may cancel their Pearson VUE appointment and request a postponement with ABII. Postponement requests must be received seven days before the test administration date. Late requests will require the candidate to submit a re-examination form and fee of $250. Candidates are allowed up to three postponements before having to re-apply.

ADA Accommodations

ABII complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and provides reasonable testing accommodations to candidates who demonstrate that they have an ADA-qualifying disability. Testing accommodations will not be approved unless the candidate submits the necessary documentation. If a request for accommodations has been submitted, the candidate will receive a testing window after the request has been reviewed and approved. All requests for accommodations must be approved prior to scheduling the examination. Detailed ADA Testing Accommodations information and application are available after registering for an ABII online account.

See the Certification Guide for more details.

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